About Kosta Texas

About Kosta TX

'Kosta Texas' hopes to bear witness to the Kingdom of God in the diverse state of Texas where people of various ethnicities live together, not just limited to the Korean ethnicity, but with all ethnicities.


The next generation of all ethnicities residing in Houston will be reborn in Jesus Christ and live as true children of God


‘KOSTA TX’ aims to help Korean and non-Korean youth residing in Houston, including Asian, Latino, African American and White, become children of God and grow as Christian global leaders in their communities, Korea, and the United States. We hope to communicate the gospel of the Kingdom of God, pursue solidarity with the people of that Kingdom, and through this, realize God’s sovereignty in our lives.”



KOSTA began in 1986 as a student training conference for international students. A small group of international students and evangelical workers prayed for the spiritual needs of all international students in the United States, and they received a vision to preach the gospel and raise up future Christian leaders. Pastor Hong Jung-gil and Pastor Lee Dong-won began their ministry together.

With the prayers, support, and dedication of a few evangelical leaders from Korean and Korean-American churches, about 200 international students gathered at Summit Lake near Washington D.C. under the theme “Where Are We Going?” for the first evangelical conference under the name KOSTA in early 1986.

The flame of the evangelical movement spread not only throughout the United States but also to many countries around the world. Starting in 1988, with student training conferences in France, Italy, and Germany, KOSTA’s passion spread to Southern and Northern Europe, Japan, Russia, Toronto, Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Also, Youth KOSTA has grown into a global KOSTA, where young people of various ethnicities, Korean 1.5 and 2nd generation immigrants, and teenagers participate, held in Vancouver, Toronto, New Zealand, Sydney, Beijing, and Malaysia.

In 2023, KOSTA in Texas will hold its first conference to testify to the gospel and help the faith of teenagers in Texas.


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