CHairman / 국제이사장

Lee Jaehoon (이재훈 목사, 한국 온누리교회 담임)

I welcome all of you who have come to the KOSTA retreat. 

Through the KOSTA retreats held all over the world, I don’t know how many souls have experienced the great power and grace of God’s kingdom. I hope that the same grace will come upon all of you who have come to this camp today. Through this KOSTA retreat, we are able to see God’s kingdom. We are able to see the vision of God that surpasses our narrow lives. We are able to see God’s vision, not just our personal hopes. God’s kingdom has come on this earth through Jesus Christ, and that kingdom is being testified to the world through us. In this last generation, we have been called together to this KOSTA retreat to be invited as those who represent God’s glory. Meet God deeply through this retreat. Dream of God’s kingdom. And dedicate yourself to God’s vision.  

God bless you all. Thank you.

KOSTA Texas Co- President / 코스타 텍사스 공동대표

Lee Jaeho (이재호 목사, 휴스턴 한인중앙 장로교회 담임)

Many churches have an interest in the next generation. 

Ensuring that the next generation does not become a different generation is a common prayer topic for all churches. Unfortunately, the results have not been very fruitful despite the interest and efforts. The reason for this is that the scope of understanding the next generation is narrow despite the great interest in them. I believe that the starting point for understanding the next generation is ultimately worshiping together. KOSTA dreams of united worship where all generations come together. Coming together and worshiping together is how we come to know that we have become one family in the Lord. We especially dream of the first and second generations worshiping and living in faith together in immigrant communities. KOSTA will work towards realizing this vision, and it is okay to have high expectations.

KOSTA Texas Co- President / 코스타 텍사스 공동대표

Song youngil (송영일 목사, 휴스턴 새생명교회 담임, 교회연합회장)

The face of Jesus Christ carries a light that knows the glory of God. As we come to know Jesus more deeply, we can experience God’s glory more profoundly. What we need to recover in this age of darkness where God’s glory is not visible is to deepen our knowledge of Jesus Christ. Kosta is not a place where famous pastors’ repetitive sermons echo and spread. Kosta is not a place where we whip our children for worldly success. Kosta is where the living Word of God resonates. Kosta is a place where our children living overseas can learn about Jesus Christ and be able to believe in Him. Through Kosta, we hope our children will grow into true Christians who reveal the fragrance of Jesus Christ even in various cultures and become the next generation of global leaders. We must help our children become true winners in this world. Kosta will play a precious role with you. May you bless your children to have the light of God’s glory in their lives.


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